The Power of Observation

Anytime you are frustrated or confused by a behavior, the solution will probably come from observation and careful reflection There is a student in my class who on a regular basis used to walk over to the changing area in the room, climb up on the changing stool (where children sit to remove wet clothing and get into dry cloths), and start removing diaper rash cream from her classmates diaper bins and popping the lids open.

The Power of Responsibility

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much can be achieved by giving children just a little bit of responsibility and independance! There is a student in my class who was having a very difficult time with the concept of continuing to “rest” after waking up from nap. At the begining of the year he also had trouble winding down on his cot before nap time, however with the implementation of a consistent routine and clear expectations about what pre-nap time looks like, he easily found a way to settle in and have quite time to himself before falling asleep.